Hey, in case you didnt’t know, the NTU Graphic Design Degree Show is open in the Arkwright building until June 3! Come check out the work of our entire year, including those who have contributed posters and postcards that we’ve sold at previous Dough nights! (Tickets for the final Dough before summer are on sale at NTU SU Shop now!)
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Third Year Project - Illustrated A-Z

Based around the theme of things you can do with paper.

"C is for cutting"

"F is for folding"

"K is for knitting"

"L is for looping"

"Q is for quilling"

"W is for weaving"

Third Year Project - Annual Report - Graze

Brief: You are to assume that you have been commissioned to design next year’s annual report for the organisation of your choice.

Solution: I chose to use the company Graze and decided to package the annual report inside one of the original Graze boxes so that it could be sent out by post as the boxes already are. I used a variety of textures of paper to give the report a more natural feel and to portray the idea of choice and difference which is what the Graze company is all about. Also, I used an illustration style which consisted of mixing photography with line drawing illustrations. The report has been hand stitch bound to keep within the natural/organic feel.

Canvas  by  andbamnan